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product details:


1. super silence design

2. high quality marble surface

3. complete e.n.t. diagnose functons

4. all built-in design, fashion appearance

5. various optional modules available

main parameters:

power supply: 200-240vac, 50/60hz

max. power: 1600w

dimension: 1570 * 600 * 780mm

blow pressure: 0.01-0.15mpa

suction pressure: 0.01-0.08mpa

fk-ent1800dh standard configuration

module description qty

fk-ent1800dh full size operation table 1

automation control system 1

noise & vibration insulator 1

spray gun 4

blowing gun 1

suction gun 1

compressor 1

vacuum pump 1

instrument tray 2

ointment jar 4

built in waste bank 1

contaminated equipment placed tank 1

endoscope pre-heater 1

versatile lamp 1

auto blow-off system 1

built-in halogen cold light source 1

optional parts

endoscope image system 15" lcd monitor 1

medical endoscope camera  1

image process and patient manage system 1

cold light source built-in led cold light source 1

halogen cold light source

xeon cold light source

led medical cold light source

endoscope otoscope 1

sinuscope 1

laryngoscope 1

accessories camera support 1

film viewer support 1

monitor support 1

light-guide fiber 1

negatoscope medical film viewer 1

super thin led medical film viewer 1

rinse system constant temperature ear washing system 1

lamp led versatile lamp 1

patient chair and doctor stool automatic patient chair 1

sami-automatic patient chair

manual patient chair

examination patient chair

doctor stool with backrest 1

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